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Beach Cleans

Clean up the coast!

Beach Clean Tips: Care for the Beach and care for yourself and others

•    Make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion: wear appropriate clothing, take a hat if it’s sunny, sensible shoes or boots and maybe even take some hand gel so you can clean your hands on the go.

•    Take a mobile phone with you. Get the organiser’s phone number before you start so you can contact them if you need to.

•    Always keep your gloves on and make sure that you wash and/or gel your hands before eating.

•    Use a ‘picker-upper’ if you’ve been given one – it means your gloves and hands stay clean and safe.

•    Handle litter with care – it can be sharp: for example fish hooks, or hot: a recently used barbeque tray, or dangerous: if it looks like a bomb, a bullet, a shotgun cartridge or something with wires sticking out then don’t touch it - call the organiser who will deal with it with local emergency services if appropriate.

•    Don’t pick up any glass or needles – call the organiser and they will deal with that. Some have a special ‘sharps’ box for needles or a 'broken glass' box to make sure that kind of waste is safely put away.

•    Stick together – never walk alone (I think there’s a song about that…)

•    Stick to the agreed cleaning area – stay away from the water and any cliffs (top or bottom). You don’t want to fall over a cliff or have one to fall on top of you! Around the Jurassic Coast cliffs can collapse so don't go too near the edge...

•    Don’t fill your bag too full, look after your back! Carry a spare bag so you don’t have to go back to the start to get one.

•    If you don’t feel well or have any concerns about your personal safety stop and either speak to an organiser or return to the meeting point.

and lastly….

Have a great day outside cleaning your beach so everyone can enjoy it!

                               Download our Beach Clean Tips as a PDF.


Our Events page lists regular organised beach cleans in Lyme Regis led by the Sea Shepherds, Litter Free Coastlines, RNLI or local schools. SWIM, a café bar on the seafront have a 2 minute beach clean station right outside their door. 

Pick up a bag and a litter picker tool and you’re away. Make it a competition to see who can collect the most, the heaviest, the weirdest thing from the beach. 

You may also find small blue or white coloured pellets on the beach, these are called Nurdles and are the basic building blocks for plastic products.  However these Nurdles are sneaky things and can escape into the sea sometimes and are washed up on the beach, they’re a bit smaller than a Tic-Tac and be careful if you see one, they absorb toxins and can cause problems if you pick them up without using gloves.


Visit our Events page to join our next clean-up.

Lyme Regis low tide beach
leave footprints not rubbish
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