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Freggie Bags 

Freggie bags are lightweight muslin bags which are re-useable, washable and strong.  Shoppers can say ‘No’ to the single use plastic bags or packaging offered in shops and instead use their own unbleached cotton muslin bags to hold fruit and vegetables.

Small bags hold up to eight apples, large bags up to 3kg of potatoes, and there is a carry bag to hold the empty bags on your shopping trolley.

The bags were the idea of Liz Davis, who after seeing the Film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ realised how much damage plastic was doing to our seas, fish, birds and animals, and Liz decided to do something about it.

Instructions on how to make your own Freggie Bags (PDF)

If you wish to purchase some bags, they are sold individually:
•    Small bag
•    Large  bag
•    A bag with handles to hold the empty bags

Or in a bundle of 8 bags including:
•    6 Small bags
•    A Large bag
•    A bag with handles to hold the empty bags

Please contact us or email: to ask about buying your Freggie Bags.   


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