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Rob's Blog: Calming The Storm

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

It was an invigorating walk along the beach, watching the huge waves, and the kite surfers daring them. It was great to see Love Lyme Regis’ videos of the waves breaking over The Cobb and the sea walls. Within the lifetime of our children sea levels could rise by 1 metre or more. Ferocious “once in 100 year” storms will happen every year. Imagine a much worse storm – but with the sea level 1m higher or more. We can choose what happens. There are things we can do as individuals, but we also need to urge our councils, MPs and employers to play their part. We need fundamental change to have happened by 2030. We need to start today.

If you are interested in the IPCC report see especially table 3.1. This shows sea level rises of up to 1 metre for warming of 1.5ᵒC and 2ᵒC. Currently we are heading for 3ᵒC.

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