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COVID-19 – Using Re-usables?

As we emerge from ‘lockdown’ we want to continue to make sure we look after ourselves and the planet. We want everyone to stay safe but limit any single use plastic that we use.

Current advice from the Government, Food Standards Agency, The World Health Organisation, other research and various other organisations includes:

· Washing our hands, sanitising surfaces and social distancing are still the best things we can be doing to prevent the spread of disease.

· Personal Protective Equipment: Masks for public transport and certain shops are now compulsory and a way of protecting yourself and others, however they don't have to be disposable. Choose REUSABLE: ‘Wash and Wear’ masks protect, and reduce disposable paper mask waste.

· Re-usable containers, coffee cups, water bottles etc. are safe if they have been thoroughly washed either by hand or machine. Businesses should use the 'contactless’ technique to fill up any customer’s containers.

· Reusable dispensers for sauces, soap etc. are OK providing they are cleaned after use.

· Plastic v. Paper? - Several research projects have found that Coronavirus lives longer on plastic than on paper or card. Businesses may want to swop to paper wrappings….

· The possibility of catching Covid-19 from surfaces and food wrappers is virtually nil (no known cases to date).

· Disposables are not safer than reusable as they are handled many times. You control the hygiene of your own containers and water bottles.

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