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Rob's Blog: Fossil Festival Fun - Out & About

Turn Lyme Green were in the Jubilee Shelters for the Fossil Festival. A new feature of the Festival was “Museum of the Future”, an intriguing display of beach combed plastic, which shows what we’re leaving behind for our descendants to display in their museums.

We also met Jurassic Airlines at the Festival; in 2012 they hosted an educational flight simulation along the Jurassic coast, taking passengers back to the time of the dinosaurs – very scary. They are hoping to re-launch their experience, combining a flight to the days of Pangaea, (a hypothetical supercontinent that included all current land masses, believed to have been in existence before the continents broke apart during the Triassic and Jurassic Periods), highlighting the need to save our current environment.

If you’ve missed us at the Fossil Festival, come along and meet us at the Anning Road Fete on Sunday 12th May, Uplyme Village Fete on Saturday 8th June or the Monkton Wyld Court Summer Fair on Saturday 13th June. Turn Lyme Green are helping with all aspects of sustainable living, and are bringing along an electric car. If you’re ready for fast, smooth, quiet, cheap motoring this might be just what you are looking for, come and learn a bit more about electric cars: how far they go and the pros and cons of going electric.

From 10th May every Friday at 7pm, Turn Lyme Green is screening David Attenborough’s “Our Planet” series, with the kind permission of Lyme Baptist Church. If you haven’t got Netflix this is a great way to see the series. This will be a fantastic evening out with refreshments and conversations, and extraordinary filming to watch, whilst learning about our beautiful planet’s environment and how we can protect it. Entrance is free.

To find out more about Turn Lyme Green, visit

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