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Fun was had by all - Anning Road Fete 2018

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

13th May 2018: Fun was had by all on this sunny, warm day in May with over 60 stalls. The Plastic Free Lyme Regis stall hosted a wide range of information on how to reduce the plastics that we use.

The 'Sand Challenge' game was fun for youngsters, they had to search the sand for shells, pebbles and pieces of plastic. Children then chose to put the things in either the ‘Recycling’ bucket or the ‘Sea shell’ bucket. Even our youngest sand explorers chose the right thing to do with what they found, the plastic in the recycling and the sea shells to be kept safe and returned to the beach.

The Shakey Game gets everyone jumping up and down. 2 bottles one with water & toilet paper, one with water and a wipe. Shake the bottles and what happens? The toilet paper disintegrates and the wipe? It’s still a wipe no matter how much your shake the bottle…

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