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Rob's Blog: Extinction Rebellion

Having seen one of their stickers in Lyme today, I thought I’d blog what I know about Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an environmental protest movement. The problems of climate change and species extinction have been known for decades, yet insufficient has been done to address them. By 2030 (that’s 11 years from now) we need to have radically reduced our emissions of CO₂, or dramatic changes to our world, affecting millions of people, will be unavoidable. Our very civilisation is at threat.

By polite and peaceful (if a little subversive) protests, XR seeks to make governments take the necessary action to protect future generations and our world. Bemused police have found themselves arresting mild mannered grandparents and academics. Extinction Rebellion organise a busy schedule of events up and down the county, and are becoming international.

Lyme Regis has a proud history of rebellion. With sea levels set to rise, storms to become more intense and future generations to care for, will the Extinction Rebellion find supporters in Lyme Regis?

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