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Rob's Blog: The Weirdness of Litter

We've all been there. You pass a piece of rubbish on the path, or a can in hedgerow. You shake your head, and think bad thoughts about the person that left it there...

But it remains there because:

- It's not your rubbish.

- What's it to do with you?

- It's not your job to do that.

- You don't know where it's been.

- No one picks up rubbish - that's just weird.

Every time you pass by, there it is again - staring at you. And now it's joined by other rubbish. That's the rub. Unless someone picks it up, it isn't going anywhere. If it's plastic, it's going to be there for centuries. If you pick it up, then it's gone for good - it isn't coming back. Try something. Pick up the rubbish. You'll usually find a bin nearby. Then next time you walk that way, see how much better the area looks. An area free of rubbish will attract less rubbish. Organised beach cleans and litter picks give you permission to pick up litter. Do you need permission?

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