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Did you know that 0% of Dorset waste goes to landfill?  

That’s right, the good news is that nothing from our county gets sent to landfill.  In the case of compostable items, they are automatically sorted at the local ‘Sorting Plant’ and then sent to the ‘Treatment Plant’ for further treatment and the remains are then used as compost on farmer’s land.

Dorset Waste Partnership has a handy tip for deciding whether as piece of plastic is recyclable: 


1. Don’t bother to look at the labels or signs – these are very confusing and often inaccurate (or just plain wrong!).

2. The rule of thumb is: if you can’t stick your finger through a piece of plastic then you can recycle it.

3. So if you can put your finger through a piece of plastic, cling film, top of a processed food carton, plastic bag that holds food.. it’s NOT recyclable.

For more information see our Recycling pages.

recycling hands
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