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Why it's Good for Business

Going Green is Definitely Good For Business….

Business owners who have chosen not to use, or reduce single use plastics
are seeing the benefits.  The meeting in March 2018 at the Baptist Church’s 
Driftwood Café discussed how going green has seen support from customers. 

Have a look at the press coverage in Lyme Online to read about what some
local business owners are doing.   

Your customers will like it!
Customers are now pressuring businesses to become more environmentally aware. Morrisons offer to use customers’ own containers for meat and fish sales,  Iceland are promising plastic free packaging for their products and a myriad of Lyme Regis businesses now use alternatives to plastic straws, cups, cutlery, stirrers and bags.  

There can be cost savings
Allow customers to ‘opt in’ by asking for a fork, a stirrer, straw or bag, so you can save on handing them out automatically.

Consider bulk buying with other local businesses, use our Facebook Group (coming soon!) to talk to other businesses who might want to club together to take advantage of buying in bulk (some are already doing it!).


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